So, most of us have got mates who live in 'The Party Flat' right? The place you go to tear it up, take your carry out, pre-party/post-party and just party full stop. The flat which is always hoachin wae bevy, always has the decks set up, ready to go and whose neighbours don't complain about the noise...

...well, welcome to Flat 0/1...

With plenty cheap booze, seriously good tunes and a double bed (in case the couch is taken), we turn council tax letters into paper aeroplanes and eviction letters into roaches.
We won't be up for lectures in the morning, there won't be a flat inspection from the landlord, and as for nosey neighbours... they just tanned a bottle of Mad Dog so they won't be bothering us for a while...

For those of you who've never sat in our bath, lazed in our bed, danced on our kitchen worktop or surfed on our couches... here's what to expect:

  • A cosy home-from-home party flat that has a fully stocked bar, furniture straight from the 70s and DJs with a penchant for every decade since (and a few from the near-future too)
  • Frosty Jacks, MD20/20, Lambrini, Lager, Rum, Vodka, Gin, Bourbon and Tequila will be happily dispensed by our regular flatmates while you soak up the retrosphere and marvel at what used to pass as 'classy décor'.
  • Quality buffets that won't involve you taking a hammer to the piggy bank can be heartily supplied by our friends next door in Lucky7 canteen and delivered to your sofa in oor wee flat.

Cheers, The flatmates